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Grooming for your Chihuahua

The Chihuahua needs consistent bathing and brushing. This self-confident little pup can be bathed as regularly as every week and not longer than 6 weeks, depending on regime and activity level. Somewhere in between is a happy medium is great. A bathing and brushing schedule should be planned to simplify management of healthy skin and coat for your Chihuahua. Commonly, a Chihuahua’s skin should appear smooth, soft, and shiny with the coat being glossy and soft in texture, and should be lustrous. Proper care of the skin and coat balancing a careful selection of products make this a combination that will permit you to achieve the best results possible.

Before the bath, if there is excess undercoat, which is acceptable in smooth coats and desirable in long coats; however, excess undercoat can take away from the chihuahua’s beauty and it can also cause skin issues like dry skin and flakiness. A good brushing is excellent for your Chihuahua puppy and adult Chihuahua, this should be done on a daily basis, but, especially before and after bathing. We recommend Hertzko Self-Cleaning Slicker Pet Brush . This is an excellent brush, and so easy to clean excess hair and debris with the push of a button, definitely worth the investment. After the excess undercoat is brushed out, it is time for the bath. 

First, do an initial bath to remove any dirt, debris, oil, and environmental factors to bring the coat back to a natural state. We recommend  Veterinary Formula Solutions Puppy Love Shampoo as it tends to keep the skin supple and the coat shiny for a longer period of time. The second bath is used to enhance the coat, and bring back the natural coat color, provide concentrated hydration, and managing a healthy coat and skin.

The next step is a conditioning treatment, we recommend Veterinary Formula Solutions Ultra Oatmeal Moisturizing Conditioner, as this will seal in the moisture, and provides comfort to your Chihuahua. A light conditioning treatment is essential to reduce static electricity making the coat more manageable and easier to brush. It also aids in replacing essential oils that were temporarily removed during the bath and lock in moisture. The conditioning of the skin and coat is an important aspect to maintaining healthy skin and coat. Once the bath is over, be sure to completely towel dry and clean around eyes and in the ears. You can use a baby wash cloth to clean around eyes, muzzle, and ears. A baby washcloth is soft and will not irritate a puppy's sensitive skin. We like to call it a spa day for your Chihuahua Puppy. Below we have provides the key benefits for each product mentioned above, and a link and photo of each product can be seen below.

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Key Benefits

  • pH balanced for puppies

  • Tear-less and mild enough for puppies over 6 weeks

  • Cleanses without drying delicate skin

  • Sulfate free

  • Will not wash away topical flea and tick treatments.

Key Benefits

Formulated with oatmeal to hydrate skin and coat and Jojoba as a moisturizer

Made in the USA

Silk protein soothes and penetrates coat to add strength and shine

Long lasting fragrance of pomegranate and raspberry tea

Will not wash away topical flea & tick treatments

Key Benefits

  • Slicker brush for cats and dogs removes loose hair and eliminates tangles, knots, dander, and trapped dirt.

  • The bent, fine bristles are effective and gentle, penetrating deep into the undercoat without scratching the skin.

  • Easy to clean! Click the button to retract the bristles into the brush’s head, and then simply wipe away the excess hair.

  • Feels like a massage for your pet, while increasing blood circulation and leaving the coat soft and shiny.

  • Durable design features a comfort grip to prevent wrist strain, as well an anti-slip grip.

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