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Our Testimonials


White Chihuahua

"Pearl is as precious as can be, the PERFECT Chihuahua and so smart. ​​​​​Could not ​have asked ​for better. Thank you so much.”    ~Sheila


Blue Chihuahua

"Andrew is everything we ever could have hoped for! He is so sweet and gives lots of kisses. Thank you for our new little "chiwawa puppy" family member, we don't know what we would do without him.”    ~ Kathy


Black & Tan Chihuahua

"Mickey is a darling, he sleeps with us every night and even know what "night night" is. He is so well behaved and extremely healthy, not to mention how much we LOVE him so....”    ~Tyler


Black Chihuahua

"Karen works miracles! Our dog Jennie is so perfect, she has a great personality such ​as she is loyal, loving, protective, and can't forget a little bit of feisty and sassy, Jennie sure can hold her ground! She opened up a world we thought we'd never ​explore as we've had big outside dogs all our life, and we now think so much different about the little dogs. I would highly recommend as you will be extremely satisfied. We love her more than you'll ever know!!!.”    ~ Chaz


​Black & Tan 

"Karen is amazing! She's part of our family now! Cocoa is a gorgeous Chihuahua, she is smart, healthy, good with our two children, and just absolutely the perfect puppy! ”     ~Beth


Green Eye Chocolate Chihuahua

"Anastasia is the best Chihuahua we have ever owned. She is perfectly healthy and well bred! Karen is so helpful and always there to answer every question we may have had! I am thrilled we chose Premium Chihuahuas!"    ~ Tim


Fawn Apple Head Chihuahua

"It's hard to please a nurse looking for the PERFECT puppy. I looked all over the east coast on the internet. My puppy had to be super smart, so very cute, and of course perfectly healthy. Well let me tell you, Premium Chihuahuas surpassed my every expectation. My Zorro is very smart, very healthy, and very cute. When I got him he was already using his little peepee pads and was extremely social. My vet was extremely surprised to see such a small puppy that was so healthy. I am so happy to have found such a sweet and loving puppy. Anyone who wants a GREAT puppy needs to contact Premium Chihuahuas for a wonderful lifelong friend!"   ~ Yeolonda Snipes

Florence, SC


Blue & White Chihuahua

"Karen, I just had to send you these pictures of Bella! She is such a joy to us. She is healthy and growing so well. She adores her daddy, but I’m her main love! She is so sweet and such a smart girl and a very good baby!

We have spoiled her of course and she has so many toys , she has such a great time on the screened in deck and running all over the house! She is starting to sleep better now and goes potty and pooh pooh on the training Pad almost every time!"

` Pat


Tricolor Chihuahua

"Hi my name is Tippi, I was born March 27 2015 and I was raised by Karen and her family but Mother's day weekend 2015 I went to my forever home. I didn't know how I would change my family's life because on March 31 2015 my mom and dad and my brother had lost their son JW he was only 22 years old he had a heart attack but my mom says I act just like him loving, grumpy, sweet, and sometimes I just ignore everyone. My mom, dad and my very special brother Morgan love me so much! We just wanted everyone to know how special I am and thankfully I was raised in a very loving home which made me so social, I love people but sometimes I get so excited I pea but please don't tell anyone Lol! Thank you Karen and your family for giving me to a home where I know I'm loved and I have a purpose of making my family smile everyday!  Love to you all"


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