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Blue Chihuahua Puppy

Blue Chihuahua Puppies for Sale

What Is A Blue Chihuahua?

Although they may sound like cartoon characters on a kids TV show, they are beautiful and rare. So, to answer the question of what is a blue chihuahua, the Blue Chihuahua is the result of a recessive gene, and both the parents must have the blue gene. This color variation is consider rare and is prized ​by many. The term “blue” is often used by Chihuahua breeders to denote this rare color for Chihuahuas, which is actually a grayish/blue.

There is much speculation about this coloring for this breed. A true Blue Chihuahua is really a version of a diluted black chihuahua. This means that the hue may be gray or dark grey and when out in the sunshine, will have a slight bluish tint to it.

What makes a Blue Chihuahua so valuable in the dog breeding world?

To start with, breeding a Blue Chihuahua is not an easy task. It’s all about combining different colored Chihuahuas including fawns and chocolate browns. However, the Blue Chihuahua is the result of a recessive gene, and both the parents must have the blue gene in their ancestries to produce a Blue Chihuahua. And even then, the puppy might not have a full “blue” coat. It’s common for the coat to be blue and white.

The blue chihuahua has all of the other temperaments and traits of a more standard color Chihuahua. My little blue, Rockie (that’s her picture on this page) was the best little Chi in the world, and I miss her everyday!

Parents of Blues

Looking at the parents doesn’t always assure a Blue Chihuahua in the litter. A Blue chihuahua can be produced from a tan and a black….however both dam AND sire must have the recessive blue gene that is carried down to the puppy.

Reputable breeders will not pair two Blue Chihuahuas together…and there is a very good reason why. Studies have shown that this can cause medical issues in the litter including issues with health of the coat. This is because it is a diluted color and carries hidden defects. Blue chihuahuas are the offspring of two parents who each carry the recessive trait for gray fur. Due to the Blue Chihuahua being the result of this recessive gene trait, the parents of blue chihuahuas don’t necessarily have to have blue coats themselves.

As a warning, if a breeder unethically breeds two blues together, the resulting litter may have only tans, browns and fawn color puppies. There is no guarantee on the color of the litter. Since this is a recessive gene, it can be in the bloodline, but skip many generations.

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