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Chihuahua Breeders

What is a responsible Chihuahua Breeder? A responsible breeder of any breed should breed healthy Chihuahuas, and breed for the betterment of the breed ONLY! It takes hours and hours to properly care for and raise Chihuahuas, we never put their dogs health at risk. The breeder should be able to answer any and all concerns from their extended Chihuahua family and their owners. The relationship does not end with our customers when they receive their puppy, the relationship really has just begun. We here at Premium Chihuahuas are here for you. We consistently try to keep our website full of informative information about Chihuahuas of all kind! We answer questions via email, text or phone in a timely manner, and do our best to guide you through raising your new Chihuahua puppy!

Dog breeders, whether it be Chihuahuas or any other breed who get into it only for the money are inclined to mistreat the dog which can lead to very sad and serious consequences down the road.

Probably the most important factor for breeding Chihuahuas is the temperament of the dog. Placing the right dog with the right family is key to being an ethical Chihuahuas breeder.

Chihuahua Breeders

Chihuahua Breeders in North Carolina

Premium Chihuahuas is the place to get the new addition to your family!

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